Contents and Uses of the Home Inspection Report

Contents and Uses of the Home Inspection Report

In this article, we will be discussing the various components of the building inspection report that you should receive once the inspection of your apartment is done.

The Format of the Inspection Report:

First of all, the Building Inspection Adelaide report should have a summary pointing out the main findings of the undertaken inspection. These pinpoints are then elaborated in detail in the main body of the apartment inspection report. Each of the main findings or major concerns is then outlined – Accompanied with the implications and recommendations of given concerns.

The home assessment report should also contain the identified defects and flaws, which are elaborated stating what the problem means and what it can potentially cause. Then the recommendations for fixes are suggested with as many alternative options as possible. This way, the buyer would have the flexibility to choose what to do with this information.

All this information regarding the highlights and concerns is presented with sufficient evidence such as clear images of the home and the parts inspected so that the buyer has a clear idea of the current condition of the house and can also plan how to proceed with the deal. (Some potential buyers actually end the deal upon reading the examination report)

To hire the best inspection service to undertake the examination, the buyer can ask the inspectors to give him a sample of the assessment report to examine. After comparing several inspection reports, it should be easy for the buyer to choose the best inspection service.

Users of the Home Assessment Report:

The Client

The main user of the inspection report is the client or the potential buyer. In view of the fact that he obtains an unbiased and practical evaluation report of the apartment/home has his eyes on. It gives the potential buyer a clear idea about the repairs required ‘if’ he chooses to buy the home.

Interested Parties

The examination report serves as a legal document to lawyers and the bank. For the bank, it can be satisfied that the house does not have any hidden fees/issues and is considered to be a good investment. For the attorney, however, he gets assurance that due diligence was performed pre-purchase for the state and safety of the home.

The Inspector

The assessment report is a very useful piece of document to the home inspector himself as he can use it as proof in case of a lawsuit to prove there was no negligence from their side. A high-quality house examination report that is thorough and easy to follow can be used by the inspector as a marketing accessory as well.


The client needs to know that the inspection report only states the home’s current condition. Therefore, a particular home does not actually pass or fail the inspection. The report merely states if there are any major repairs required in the house and the available options. It is then up to the potential buyer to decide if the home is actually worth buying, or not. Also, how to negotiate the price of the apartment/house with the seller using the report.