What fails a building inspection?

What fails a building inspection?

What fails a building inspection?

Having a home to sell in Adelaide? Be prepared for a flock of building inspectors at your front door. Having building inspectors around is not a big deal to be scared of. In fact, building inspection Adelaide can be your gateway to a reasonable pricing of the home you would like to sell. However, in the very rare odds, a home inspection might fail to secure you a selling opportunity with the buyer. Yet these rare odds can be easily avoidable. 

Who are building inspectors?

Building inspectors are professional licensed inspectors to inspect buildings. Potential home buyers usually hire them when looking for a potential home to buy.


 Building inspectors would usually inspect the home that the buyers are considering to purchase. 


Following the inspection of the buyers’ potential home, building inspectors write a constructive report mentioning all the precise details about the home. This report provides a sort of evaluation of the potential home that the buyers are considering to buy. This further contributes to assessing the overall price of the home. 

Why a house inspection would fail

There are several reasons why an inspection of your home might fail and why you would not be able to sell your home to the potential buyers. These reasons include:

Home infestation by pests

One of the reasons why a house inspection can fail at securing a selling deal with the potential buyers is your home being infested by pests. Home infestations by pests are very common, especially the termites. This is because there are many pests that feed on wood. However, such infestations might lead to several damages to the home’s structure. 

Building inspectors can detect pests

Building inspectors possess the adequate training to detect pest infestations in your home. 

Pest inspection

In addition to the building inspectors being able to detect pest infestations in your home, the buyers can request an additional pest inspection service. This is a separate service that is specialized only for detecting pests in your home. 

Damage to your home structure

Your home might be having structural damages that might turn off the potential home buyers. This is because the repair of such structural damages is expensive. Almost all buyers would not want to endure such a financial burden. 


Such structural damages are very common with old homes. These damages include damages to door headers and rafters. 


Many building inspectors advise the potential home buyers to consult an engineer and to have them inspect a home. This is to check for any structural damages in your home.

Cosmetic condition of your home

Having cosmetic issues like peeling paint may not be a big deal. However, the problem is when your home has many of them. This is because when these cosmetic issues pile up, they might give an indication that your house is not properly maintained. This might certainly turn off potential buyers.

Having plumbing issues

Plumbing issues in your home can turn away potential buyers. This is because they would be expensive to repair. This would seem as additional expenses to the potential buyers. Plumbing issues include having damages in the pipes and having water heaters that are not functioning.