Why Is It Important To Hire Your Own Independent Home Inspector

Why Is It Important To Hire Your Own Independent Home Inspector

It is a positive move and a much-needed change in the retail market that home buyers are hiring their own independent home inspectors now, rather than hiring an inspector as recommended by their agent. Many of these people purposefully decline the house inspector just because their agent recommended him. However, there are still people who hire independent inspectors as recommended by their agents. This change has started to occur because many of the buyers have come to understand that the house examiner may not work in their best interest if he is suggested by the realtor or agent.

To understand the importance of a Building Inspection Adelaide and hiring an independent inspector, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Why is a home inspection necessary?

One of the most critical decisions that you will make in your life involves buying a house. As a matter of fact, consider yourself privileged if you get the chance to buy a home even once in your lifetime. In view of the importance of this decision, it is advisable that you buy a home that is worth the amount you are ready to spend on it. This can be done by making sure that the house/apartment you are about to buy is in good condition. In order to do this, you need a house inspection.

House assessments are processes where a thorough evaluation of the home in question is done by a professional examiner. The independent inspector will perform the following tasks while he undertakes an in-depth and impartial examination of the house:

  • Check the foundation, physical structure, mechanical systems, heating and cooling systems, electrical connections and types of equipment, etc.
  • Evaluate which items need repairs or replacements.
  • He will also give you an estimate of the remaining major parts of the house including the roof.

You can accompany your independent home inspector while he goes for the home inspection so that you can ask him questions at the time the actual inspection is taking place. Once the inspection is over and the house assessor has taken notes of everything, you can expect to have a detailed report of the inspection. Remember this is a confidential document and the inspector is not allowed to show this report to anyone else except you, not even the agent.

Why hire an independent home inspector?

If you hire an inspector who is recommended by your agent, there is a chance that the inspector will make a report that will not be totally honest. He may rush through the inspection and report generation to expedite the process; he may not mention certain crucial facts that could lead to the cancellation of the deal. This is not true for every inspector, but there is definitely some kind of pressure on an inspector if he is recommended by an agent.

This is why,

If you really want an unbiased and authentic inspection report that has your interest – only then it is better to hire your own independent inspector. You can find such inspectors by searching for them online, many apartment inspectors are canvassing themselves on the internet these days.