Building Inspection Adelaide

    Importance of building inspection Adelaide

    Buying a home in Adelaide can be an energizing, yet very stressful period of time. You need to make sure you are making a smart investment in Adelaide with no unforeseen or undesirable surprises.

    Sometimes, purchasing a building in Adelaide can indeed cost more to renovate or fix any disregarded issues, than the real expense of the actual building.

    One Stop Building Inspection Adelaide will give you comfort prior to purchasing, decrease odds of abrupt expenses, and could save you a ton of cash!

    building inspection adelaide

    A professional building inspector Adelaide will examine each and every aspect of the house in Adelaide.
    Aside from the comfort that comes after getting the house examined, you ought to get your building assessed after rough seasons. The importance of this building inspection Adelaide is that they check if there are any significant problems due to weather, also will decide whether the house is up to code and worth the money you are putting into it.

    They understand the worry that comes with buying a new building in Adelaide, being homeowners themselves. Therefore, they work passionately to not leave the house until everything is inspected and all your questions answered with an expertly detailed building inspection Adelaide report, you will immediately know whether there are any house defects.

      How much is building inspection Adelaide?

      Well, you should not be looking to hire ‘cheap’ building inspection Adelaide services.
      A lot of building inspection companies in Adelaide will offer you the service at a cheap price, but it always comes at a cost. So, you have to make sure to invest the extra money, so that you could save yourself a lot of it later. Paying a small amount for the building inspection Adelaide, then paying a huge amount on repairs later does not seem like a good investment.

      Having said that, it could cost you $300-$500, or slightly more if you are getting the extra packages of pest inspection, etc.

      Inspect before you buy OR sell

      The process of building inspection Adelaide is intended to guard both current and new property holders.

      If you get the building inspection Adelaide done prior to buying and problems were discovered, you can demand fixes, modifications from the seller, or even end the deal.

      On the other hand, if you are the seller, you will have hard proof that you disclosed the condition of the home to the buyer prior to selling. Consequently, relieving you of any legal obligations. Therefore, in a sense, the building inspection Adelaide report guarantees that both parties are aware of the condition of the house and thereby agrees to proceed or end the deal.

      building inspection adelaide
      building inspection adelaide

      How does building inspection Adelaide work?

      The process of a building inspection Adelaide includes a professional building inspector visiting the residence and inspecting inside and outside damage prior to finishing a building inspection report. Which is then given to the proprietor to address.

      Building inspection Adelaide is significantly more than a basic structural report. The building inspection report incorporates a wide assortment of data.

      The building inspection Adelaide services incorporates mechanical utilities, asbestos, mold, sewage, geotechnical, the toughness of uncovered surfaces, information systems, structure, cooling/heating, water systems, pool, spa, pool fencing, Gas/fire risks, garage entryway, gas fitting, and lumber bug inspections.

      Building inspection Adelaide Report

      A building Inspection Adelaide report is a physical proof of all the inspected areas in a given building in Adelaide. It can be up to twenty pages in length and incorporates a comprehensive and detailed data about any deformities or issues found during the building inspection Adelaide, inside and outside of the structure.

      The building inspection report is written in a simple language (Including photographs) and given to the client once the building inspection in Adelaide is over. Once you receive your report, the Adelaide inspector is generally willing to go over it with you in case you require further clarification. Moreover, they will explain to you how you could use this building inspection report to your advantage.

      building inspection adelaide

      It is almost essential to have a proper building inspection Adelaide on the house before buying it. The report makes sure that every aspect of the house is in accordance with the Australian standards

      The building inspection report assists buyers in Adelaide with deciding the structural efficiency of their ideal home and settling on educated choices. Also it assists sellers with putting a sensible sticker price on properties.

      Therefore, you could use this building inspection report in your favor by negotiating a better price for the house in Adelaide. It moreover includes propositions for future building inspections and suggested fixes. Moreover, it could be a valid reason to close a deal without any consequences.

      Only professional Adelaide inspectors with the right qualifications, skills, and eye for detail will deliver a building inspection report that you can count on.
      The building inspection report offered by One Stop building Inspection Adelaide includes a list of essential or suggested fixes, maintenance, and some other possibly detrimental issues.

      building inspection adelaide

      Independent Building Inspector

      When deciding to get the building inspection Adelaide, It is vital to look for an independent inspector with at least 10 years of experience in building and pest inspections.
      The reason why to hire an independent inspector is to make sure that the inspection will be done unbiased.

      One Stop Inspections inspectors are registered as independent inspectors and their registration number is attached to each report. Beside they are qualified & skilled, they are unbiased and give objective assessments.

      Building inspection Adelaide checklist

      A building inspection checklist is a tool used by professional building inspection organizations in Adelaide.

      A building inspection checklist covers each and every aspect of the house in Adelaide. The building inspectors use it to make sure that the building is following the national codes of safety. Then they document their findings in their report/checklist which they give to the employer at the end of the inspection.

      The building inspection checklist play a vital role in deciding the necessary actions to be taken in regards to the deal.

      building inspection adelaide

      Our services provide a building inspection checklist in Adelaide that details major and minor problems in the house. This allows both the buyer and the seller to be aware of the current condition of the house; thus, negotiate accordingly.

      The building inspection checklist could be up to twenty pages in length, including insights of all the imperfections that were documented by our professionals throughout the inspection in Adelaide.

      Moreover, the building inspection checklist will include photographs of the inspected areas; which furthermore, increases the legitimacy and accuracy of the report.

      Our building inspection experts have composed the inspection checklist in accordance with the Australian Standards just so our clients can enjoy the happiness and peace of moving into a new home.

      Building inspection Adelaide process

      • Contact One Stop Inspections & Pick the inspection date

      • Select the type of inspection & Get an instant quote

      • Get your home inspected in few hours

      • Receive the Report right after the building inspection

        Areas We check

        Fire Protection System

        Mechanical Systems

        Electrical Systems

        Plumbing  Systems

        Heating Systems

        Roof Space: 

        • Roof Covering – Framing
        • Sparking & Insulation
        • Party walls

        Roof Exterior

        • Sheeting – Gables – Flashings
        • Tiles – Shingles – Slates
        • Flues – Eaves – Vents
        • Guttering & Downpipes
        • Skylights & Valleys
        • Fascia & Barges

        Building Exterior:

        • Walls (Lintels & Claddings)
        • Stairs & Balustrades
        • Balconies & Patios
        • Porches & Verandas
        • Chimneys & Decks
        • Doors & Windows


        • Suspended Concrete Floors
        • Timber Floor supports
        • Drainage & Damp
        • Ventilation


        • Within 30m of the house
        • General & Pool Fencing
        • Ablution Facilities
        • Retaining walls
        • Garage & Garden
        • Paths & Paving
        • Surface Water

        Building Interior:

        • Entryways Interior / Exterior
        • Foundation & Underfloor
        • Wet Zones & Cabinets
        • Bathroom & Laundry
        • Kitchen & Ensuite
        • Windows & Frames
        • Ground Footings
        • Ceiling & Walls
        • Floors & Stairs
        • Cellar & Doors

        We Look For

        Upcoming fixes and maintenance issues which are probably going to get due within a year

        Structural inconsistencies:

        Includes the assessment of foundations, roofs, floor and floor outlining, walls, steps, and plumbing system.

        Safety measures:

        Inspection incorporates alarms, garage entryways & stairs.

        Potential security perils:

        For example, collapsing balconies


        Inspection incorporates septic tanks, drainage framework, state of houses driveway, walls, and dampness levels.


        The investigation of the rooftop incorporates the state of shingles, fixes, and fixes to the rooftop, chimneys, vents, and drains.


        Inspection incorporates grounds and siding material, lights, and power plugs.

        Storage rooms:

        Inspection incorporates ventilation, insulation, and water harm.


        Inspection incorporates damage to the pipelines, the temperature of the water, and the condition of sinks, leakage of baths, and showers.

        Electrical System:

        Inspection incorporates Up-to code standards, and kinds of electrical wiring, the capacity of circuits, outlets, lights, and fans.


        Inspection incorporates the state of the heaters, coolers, ACs, ventilation, and chimneys.

        Storm cellar:

        Inspection incorporates the state of the establishment, indications of water spillage, and harm.
        The presence of pests like termites (This is tended to extensively during the termite inspection Adelaide)

        Why One Stop Inspections?

        Our building inspectors in Adelaide have years of experience in the structure business in Adelaide. They are completely insured with both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability and work to Australian Standards 4349.1 -2007.

        Some building inspectors in Adelaide will offer you top-notch services, just like we do here at Onestop Inspections, whereas some others will only perform a routine checkup that is just not enough.
        Our building inspection Adelaide services will guarantee that you will not have any future problems that may risk your health or your family’s.

        building inspection Adelaide

        One stop Inspections’ team is professional and skilled. We make our building inspection reports and checklists as professionally as we do our building inspection in Adelaide. Our Adelaide inspection team prefers your presence throughout the inspection as it will be informative for both parties.
        We will provide you with all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision.

        We offer a range of inspection services across Adelaide

        One Stop Inspections offers a wide range of inspection services across Adelaide & South Australia.

        • Building inspection
        • Pest & Termite inspection
        • Combined building & pest inspection
        • Pool inspection & certification
        • Air Conditioning inspection

        Fast same day inspection service

        We at One Stop Inspections deliver our building inspection Adelaide services within couple of hours, followed by a comprehensive inspection report.

        We will beat any genuine price!

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